Could this be you?

I do private tours in Hawaii and have a lot of people sitting in the back seat of my customized Chrysler 300C

    and I've discovered an issue that I was able to correct. This issue could cause fuel pump failure, stalling

    and possibly (Heaven forbid.) fires.  Child seats would also cause this problem.

I smelled gas inside my car and ignored it until after filling the tank, I saw

    gasoline pouring out under the car in front of the rear wheel.  

Is what I found was from people sitting in the back seat on the driver side

    caused the fuel pump connector pins to heat up and melt around the

    pins which opened the seal and allowed raw gas to leak out of the tank.

    I changed my fuel pump only to have it happen again in 5 months.

The first sign your connector could be compromised is cracks in the plastic

     fuel pump cover.

Upon further investigation, you may find your fuel pump connector is             burnt.  This is the beginning of the seal being broken and raw gas             pouring out from your gas tank which could ignite.

On the passenger side because of people sitting there or child seats

    pressing down could cause the top of the secondary fuel pump to

    crack or leak from the connector.  Again, first check the plastic cover        for cracks then remove it and check the top of the fuel pump. 

Watch this youtube video about a cracked passenger side fuel pump top:

I also had my car stall because of a passenger in the back seat just sitting

    down caused the fuel pump connector to come loose.  Nobody enjoys

    being stalled in an intersection and I’m glad it happened to me and not

    my wife.  I would have had a towing bill and possibly a night or more

    on the couch.  I'm also glad I caught this before the car caught on fire.