Could this be you


A tour company in Hawaii smelt gas in the cabin and after filling the tank had raw gas running out

    under the car.  They changed the fuel pump only to have it leak again in 5 months.  The fuel pump 

    connector/module even came loose which caused the car to stall. 


There are many                                     like this about fuel leaks on the Dodge and Chrysler forums.

An independent study determined that from people sitting in the back seat on the driver's side put

     pressure on the connector which caused the pins to heat up and melt the plastic around the pins

     breaking the seal and allowing raw gas to leak through the connector. 


To see if you are in danger, remove the rear seat base and check the

    driver side fuel pump cover for cracks.


20190923_130828 (2)_LI.jpg

  Remove the cover and unplug the connector/module and look inside

      to see if it is burnt.  If it is brown, this is the beginning of the plastic

      seal being broken.  If allowed to continue it is only a matter of time

      before you smell gas in the cabin and have gas pouring out from

      the tank which could ignite.




  The study also discovered from people sitting on the rear

      passenger's side or child seats pressing down caused the

      top of the fuel pump to crack or leak from the nipple. 







  A cracked plastic cover will be the first sign there is a problem and

      if allowed to continue there will be a gas leak.

  This youtube video shows a cracked passenger side fuel pump:

  Although your connector and pumps may be good now, you may

      want to upgrade the plastic covers to prevent future issues.


  There is now a