1.  Remove rear seat base. Lift up on front of seat on

     driver and passenger sides. If installed, disconnect 3             electrical connectors for seat warmers. Move seat out of         place.

2.  Remove damaged plastic fuel pump cover on driver's side.

3.  Unplug electrical connector from top of fuel pump.

4.  Loosen rubber plug and remove wiring harness.

5.  Discard plastic cover.

6.  Check electrical connector for burnt pins.  If all white

     with no browning, proceed with installation of new

     cover plate.  If pins are burnt, replace fuel pump first.

7.  Insert connector through hole in upgraded cover.

           (Make sure seal is facing down.)

8.  Affix rubber plug in hole.

9.  Clean seat area of dirt and oil.

10. Connect electrical connector making sure it locks.

11. Remove tape film from perimeter of cover.

12. Position in place and press down perimeter of cover

      to ensure a good seal.

13. Reinstall rear seat base making sure it locks into place. If

     installed, don't forget to connect the 3 electrical                     connectors for seat warmers.

14.               today to drive with confidence.